Billy HufseyBilly Hufsey is an internationally renowned performer who has been one of the few performers to maintain a highly successful career in multiple facets of the entertainment industry.

After five years of being a primary star on the immensely successful, and culturally groundbreaking NBC show “Fame,” which won two Golden Globes and nine Primetime Emmys, Billy Hufsey starred for four years on the Soap Opera, “Days of our Lives.”

As a live performer, Billy has thrilled thousands at sold-out concerts here and abroad and has starred in multiple Broadway shows. Billy has also performed with legendary artists such as Tony Bennett, Carol Burnett, and Janet Jackson, just to name a few.

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An awesome day in the studio with two of my singing/acting students: Jolie Ledford and Eryn Pablico.

I love their passion, talents, willingness to always learn and stretch their gifts to grow more as artists and performers.

#livingthedream #studiolife #myhappyplace
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Recording a song with my vocal coach Billy Hufsey and my friend and awesome vocalist Eryn Pablico.

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I love working with all of my amazing students.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor and Jolie Ledford are both going to have huge futures in this business.

Tenzing is well known for his role of Parker Rooney on Disney's "Liv & Maddie."

Jolie starred in the American Girl Doll film featuring Julie Alright, "And the Tiara Goes to..." as well as two other films due out later this year: "Nessie and Me" and "A Doggone Christmas."

Never stop Training.
Never stop Growing.
Never stop Dreaming.

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Hanging out with Tenzing Norgay Trainor from Disney's "Liv and Maddie" and our acting coach Billy Hufsey. Acting class is awesome and I love going head to head with Tenzing in scenes. It's a great acting work out!

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Congratulations to my client Camryn Hunter for booking the role of Jenna in the web series The Play Nintendo Show. ... See MoreSee Less

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Congratulations to my client Eryn Pablico for her work in the Gibby Movie coming out August 2nd. ... See MoreSee Less

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This has to stop.
The senseless killing of innocent American's who are just peacefully living their lives has to stop.
I am outraged, disgusted and heartbroken over the news reports today seeing yet another senseless slaughtering of my fellow American's on our own soil. Call it exactly what it is: An act of terrorism.
None of us are infallible.
None of us are immune to the evil ravages of the distorted perceptions of a small few who seek to destroy all that we as American's hold dear.
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My prayer tonight is for God's blessings, safety, protection, comfort and peace to you all.
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